About: Dirty Magick

In the dark corners of the new centuries, there are people who use their magic.  Many practice the art, but the bands of rogues who stalk the city with profit and power as their only motive use the magic as it was never intended.  And it is their stories that we wish to tell.

“Dirty Magick” is the new urban fantasy anthology series from Lucky Mojo Press.  Focusing on the intersection of two genres (fantasy and detective/crime), these collections will focus on a recent alternative history where magic survives and flourishes in the concrete heartbeat of the big cities.  But, more so, it will concentrate on the ne’er-do-wells who use magic to commit crime and the hard boiled wizards who would stop them.  And, as always, the supernaturals will observe, acting only when the time is right.

Each volume will be devoted to a different city.  The first was set in Los Angeles, the genesis of the noir movement.  With its harsh sunlight and sharp shadows, the city of so many millions provides the perfect cover for those who would use the arts for their own greed.  The second New Orleans, where good times and danger parade hand in hand.


Lucky Mojo is closed to submissions at the present time.


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  1. Tim Tobin says:

    Hello. May I ask for a clarification, please? Would post WWI include present times? Thanks.
    Tim Tobin

  2. David Perlmutter says:

    Would you consider cartoon characters “supernaturals”? I write a lot of stories involving them.

  3. Hi, really interested in this as an idea, I think I’ve got something perfect for you. Just wondering when the deadline is? And if you could tell me what the others cities may be (although it may be a surprise, I suppose?) Although I could try and shoe-horn this story into a Los Angeles setting! To Google Maps!

    • admin says:

      Right now we are planning for New Orleans, New York, Chicago and Texas. But, it may take us some time to get there. But still, authentic LA is better than a shoehorn.

  4. Greg Crites says:

    Hey! What’s the deadline for submitting? It may be in there somewhere, but I’m walleyed and may have missed it. Concept sounds interesting.

  5. Marc Vale says:

    What is the cut off date for submissions?

  6. admin says:

    The submissions will remain open until the anthology is filled. However, we hope to close submissions by mid-June.

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