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Now Available: “Dirty Magick: Los Angles”









Lucky Mojo Press proudly announces the release of its first anthology “Dirty Magick: Los Angeles.”


Trade paperback available here (Create Space) and here (Amazon)

Electronic versions: Kindle Nook

More formats will be added when available.


Edited by Charlie Brown

Cover by Trent Oubre

Authors: Neal Pollack, Richard Rayner, Justin Macumber, Terry Mixon, Brent Nichols, Michael Ashleigh Finn, Michael Willett, Lisa Anne Samuels, Adam Remington, Jeff Leyco, Patrick Scaffido, David Perlmutter, Paul Ellis, Michell Plested

“Dirty Magick: Los Angeles” is an urban fantasy anthology exploring the crossroads between magic and crime. Set in the city that invented noir, these stories comb the back streets and side alleys where the shadows are so sharp, they can shave you clean. Featuring such distinguished writers as Neal Pollack, Richard Rayner, Justin Macumber and Terry Mixon, this collection, edited by Charlie Brown, presents a whole new approach to urban fantasy.

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